The restoration of a historical cinema in Khartoum and equipping it with the highest projection and sound technology. The project will be a model for the private sector on how to reopen various cinemas in Sudan, which have been closed for decades.
Decades ago cinemas slowly began to disappear in Sudan. Economical, technical and political challenges made operating cinemas an unprofitable venture. With more than 60 percent of Sudan’s 36 million citizens under the age of 24, many young people have no memory of their country’s love for cinema.

Swiss Initiative was granted a permit to reopen a historical cinema in a joint-effort with the property owners, cultural organizations and related sponsors.

Ultimately, the reopening of the cinema will act as a pilot project, that local entrepreneurs across Sudan can use as a model for reviving some of the various deserted cinemas across the country.
Time schedule
2017:  Beginning of the restoration
2018:  Cinema Opening
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