Karmakol is a village 4 hours’ drive north of Khartoum. Decades ago the site was abandoned, because it was regularly flooded by the Nile River and the villagers moved hundreds of meters into the desert. Since then the floods have been engineered out of existence – leaving behind a perfect location to empower the youth with a culture & education center, an annual festival and an open film studio

The Karmakol Culture & Education Center 

The Karmakol culture & education center (KCEC) is the first melting pot for the youth of the ethnics and tribes of the region north of Khartoum. We provide Help for Self Help with vocational programmes. 

Karmakol Festival – the platform for young artists for international culture exchange 

COMING December 2017

The Karmakol festival is a platform for the youth and international cultural exchange. It brings together the highlights of the Sudanese culture scene, happening mainly in the capital to a remote northern province which has almost no culture activities. Music, theatre, film, arts and literature will be presented under the sky of Karmakol.

The Karmakol open film studio – COMING SOON

An open film shooting space for national, regional and international productions.

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