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For three years now we have been personally engaged in cultural projects in Sudan. On the 25th of January 2016 we offically launched our project in Khartoum under the name SWISS INITIATIVE – culture projects. To give the initiative a new base we have founded a Swiss based association on 13 March 2016.

Our Mission

Swiss Initiative is a movement, which initiates and encourages cultural projects in conflict countries. We aim to work with local groups in order to achieve economical and social improvements in the targeted country. Our collaboration is terminable and strives a complete continuation of the projects by the local groups.

We are an independent association run by dedicated people and artists in the cultural sector from Switzerland and other countries. We are a non-profit (NPO) organisation that is open to all interests.

Through initiation and facilitation of cultural projects we achieve together with local groupings a contribution to the improvement of environments which are shaped by poverty and violence in conflict countries.

Our focus lies not in promoting swiss culture to foreign countries. Moreover, we do not follow a political or religious agenda.

Our initiative operates on-site of conflict countries. We are confident that through this we contribute to a more effective, economic and sustainable way to cope with the locally prevailing circumstances. By operating on local ground we also aim to respect the dignity of humankind and to counteract migration and brain drain.

We advocate cultural projects, – initiatives and – groupings in conflict countries, which face difficult circumstances.

We are active in world wide countries that are in conflict situations as it is in Sudan.

We view our mission in Sudan as a pilot project. For decades the country has been afflicted by civil war and an economic embargo. This leads to a cultural isolation and the consequences are devastating for the sudanese population. There is no cultural exchange, education, possibilities of expression and lastly, no connection to the global community. Mostly the young generation suffers from such circumstances.  With this, the fact that 60 per cent of the population in Sudan is less than 24 years of age calls for immediate action.

The neutrality of Switzerland offers credibility for a successful implementation of our objectives. We are a multicultural team with representatives from the areas of conflict. Our initiatives profit from the professional  know-how, longstanding experience and the high commitment of our team.

We reach our goal when a sustainable structure for the supported cultural projects is successfully established. The projects shall be self-supporting and the aimed results shall be operative and valid beyond our service and commitment.

Our patrons committee

Christoph Schaub

www.schaubfilm.ch Director He is known to a larger cinema audience as the director of successful movies such as “Giulias Verschwinden,” “Happy New Year,” “Jeune Homme,” or “Sternenberg.” Documentaries on architecture and urbanistic topics, however, constitute another important part of his creative work. Schaub taught as a visiting lecturer at different schools from 1996 to 2004. He was a co-founder of the Morgental cinemas (1992 until their closing in 2002), as well as the studio cinemas RiffRaff (1998), Houdini (2014) in Zurich, and Bourbaki (2007) in Lucerne. Christoph Schaub is a member of the “Swiss Film Academy,” the European Film Academy” (EFA), and the “Asian Pacific Screen Academy.” His films receive broad attention and are celebrated on national and international level. I went to Sudan...

Franziska Reck

www.reckfilm.ch Producer Franziska Reck has been actively involved in the world of film for over twenty years, promoting independent filmmaking in Switzerland. Beginning as a film distributor at the Filmcoopi in Zurich (1983—1990), she continued building up the distribution and promotion of Swiss films as director of the IGV/CID (1993-2000) and as a freelance film producer herself (since 1990). She has a special fondness for the film essay. Through her experience and long engagement as film producer and distributor she is very well connected to the independent Swiss and European film scene and its promotion through both public and private organisations and boards. I went to Sudan...

Felix von Muralt


DOP / Cinematographer

Studies in Linguisitcs and Sociology at Zurich Universitiy. Potojournalism and Documentary Program International Center of Photography NYC. Internship at Cinerent Filmequipment service. Focuspuller 1985-1993. DOP since 1993.

Member of European Filmacademy. SCS Swiss Cinematographers Society. Swiss Film Academy and SSFV

Recent Awards

Winner Swiss Filmawards  2016  Best Cinematorgaphy  for „Schellen Ursli“

I went to Sudan...

Our founding members

  • Felix von Muralt
  • Ahmed Abdel Mohsen
  • Franziska Reck
  • Christoph Schaub
  • Annalisa Beltrami
  • Sandra Gysi
  • Ibrahim Abla
  • Noura Abla
  • Andrea Bürgi
  • Sharif Ibrahim
  • Luc Schaedler
  • Eduard Erne
  • Heinz Gubler
  • Jolanda Gsponer
  • Elvira Isenring
  • Sarah-Lee Keller
  • Pablo Kirschke
  • Kilian Lilienfeld
  • Mohammed El Sharqawy
  • Stefanie Marxer
  • Küde Meier
  • Alexander Meier
  • Achim Gansner
  • Ramon Orza
  • Sabine Pereira
  • Birgit Pestalozzi
  • Martina Reist
  • Sascha Stahl
  • Karoline Bierner
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