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The Swiss Initiative cooperates with public and private institutions as well as persons concerned to accomplish the projects. donkeyshot filmproduction (Zurich, Switzerland) is developing, co-ordinating and managing the Swiss Initiative in cooperation with Abdelkarim Mirghani Cultural Center Sudan. A number of public and private institutions have been contributing to the success of the first phase of the Project.

Swiss Partners

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  • RECK Filmproduction


  • Go Between Films


  • Spotlight Media Productions


  • m-appeal world sales
  • Schaub Filmproduktion


  • Meier production



Sudanese Partners

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  • Abdelkarim Mirghani Cultural Center
  • Sudan Film Factory SFF

Sudan Film Factory

  • Sudan Independent Film Festival SIFF
  • Sudan Experimental Theater Festival – Madgy Elnour
  • Garden City College Khartoum
  • Sudia Sudanese Development Initiative
  • Sudanese National Commission of Education Science & Culture UNESCO
  • Ministry of Culture Sudan

Ministry of Culture

  • Ministry of foreign affairs State of Khartoum
  • Sudan National Theatre
  • Sudan Folkloric Theatre Khartoum University
  • MTN Group Sudan
  • DAL Cultural Forum


  • Karmakol Project Committee
  • Owners of houses in Karmakol
  • Mohammed Saeed Mirghani – Representative of the property owners
  • Saeed Osman al-Mirghani  – Property owners representative
  • Saber Fadlallah
 – President of the Karmakol Union Club
  • Hussein Ali Fadlallah
 – Chairman of the Administrative Committee Karmakol
  • Bakri Ismail al-Bakri
 – Representative of the Elhatab agricultural project
  • Mudesir Abdalchukyr Bashir
 – Chairman of the Zakat Committee Karmakol
  • Mohammed Hussein Abdmola  – Karmakol Association Khartoum
  • Ismail Makki Caliph
 – Education representative Karmakol
  • Bakri Mohammed Rashid Ahmad – Regional Agriculture representative

International Partners


  • Goethe-Institut Khartoum
  • British Council


  • Italian Culture Center
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