What has happened so far

Impressions from January 2015 (click on poster below)

Impressions from April 2014 (click on poster below)

2nd Magdi Elnour theatre festival

January 13-19 2016, Khartoum
The Magdi Elnour Festival for experimental theatre was founded 2015. Several sudanese theatre groups show their plays. The festival brings together theatre people who are interested in experimenting and who are looking for new forms of theatre.  It is further more a platform to reflect and talk about theatre, life and social and political issues.
During the festival a variety of activities and workshops take place.

3rd Sudan Independent Film Festival

January 21- 27 2016, Khartoum

Organized by Sudan Film Factory, SIFF 2016 runs from Jan 21- 27 with films from various countries screened in multiple locations across the Khartoum. The pinnacle of cultural events in Khartoum, Sudan Independent Film Festival (SIFF) celebrates African culture and highlights independent cinema. The festival takes place in the Sudanese capital Khartoum between January 21and 27. Documentaries, feature, and short films from various countries are screened during the festival. Specialized workshops and seminars in film making run as parallel activities.

Sudan April 2014

Swiss Team in Sudan
Various Film-Workshops / Demo Tape Open Call / Tayeb Salih and the cinema / Filmproduktions-Workshop / various Events / Screenings, TV-Interviews / Location Scouting / Reception at the Swiss Embassy
Report zu den Aktivitäten (PDF 24 MB)

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