Looking Back on our event in Switzerland: "I went to Sudan .. Stories and Insights from Swiss Film makers"

On the 22nd of May 2016 we had our first public event in Switzerland. It included a screening of a Sudanese short film, a panel discussion with Swiss film makers, Sudanese music and an apero. With more than 150 guests it was a successful event and we are looking forward to our next one.

When one thinks of the Sudan, usually images of war or refugee camps go through one’s head. However, in the capital Khartoum, one sees something completely different. At the theatre site of the national theatre during the Magdy Elnour Festival for experimental theatre or at the Sudan Independent Film Festival, the air was filled with artistic engagement and creativity.

It’s been more than two years since the first group of Swiss film maker (including Christoph Schaub, Felix von Muralt, Peter Luisi, Luc Schädler, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen and more) been to Sudan. Since then, several trips, projects and workshops with young Sudanese creative artists have been taking place. For this reason, our event aimed to share the experience of the Swiss film maker and by introducting our four main projects to spread awareness of the current theatrical and film situation in Sudan.

The evening included stories and insights from Swiss film makers such as Felix von Muralt, Franziska Reck, Alexander Meier and Elvira Isenring. This was followed by a panel discussion with

Christoph Schaub:
Movie director, lecturer, co-founder of cinemas Morgental, RiffRaff, Houdini, Bourbaki

Jeanne Berthoud:
Film maker, Member of AVANTI «Independent Filmmakers’ Association – South Caucasus»

Ahmed Abdel Mohsen:
Movie director, founder of Swiss Initiative, Co-founder of Fekra Culture Center Aswan

Sandra Gysi:
Film maker, member of culture projects in Egypt, Ghana and Kirgistan


The evening also featured a screening of the short film ‘Zeyo’ – winner of the RECK film award of the Sudan International Film Festival 2016. After our event the short film was screened at the IFFI – International Filmfestival Innsbruck. We wish the director, Saif Alrabie, all the best!


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