Culture Spot

The Swiss initiative supports existing Sudanese Cultural Organizations as well as individual artists with technical, logistical and monetary support and with access to the international society.

Since April 14 and during the developing phase of the Swiss Initiative, various local culture projects have been supported. Sudanese festivals, cultural centers and artists will continue receiving technical support along with skills training in organization, communication, promotion and fundraising. In addition a number of culture prizes, scholarships, art residency and educational trips will be created.

Development opportunities

Various development opportunities are offered to the cultural scene of Sudan, such as cultural prizes, scholarships, art residencies, and educational trips. In addition Swiss initiative established a culture fund in cooperation with the local private sector aiming to support cultural projects. An independent committee will select projects annually, which will be granted monetary support by this cultural fund.

Skills training

Technical support along with skills training in organization, communication, promotion and fundraising.

Information platform – COMING SOON

Creating and maintaining a comprehensive online database of Sudanese artists, culture projects, artistic groups, local and international funds, information for permit and regulations as well as other helpful contacts. The goal of the Swiss initiative with the information platform is to create an active community to enable exchange and networking across countries, institutions and individuals.

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