The project “8 Films” aims to enable eight Sudanese filmmakers and their crews to produce their first professional long feature films. This will happen in cooperation with Swiss and International filmmakers. The necessary Know-How will be transferred to the various film crews through a series of lectures and workshops. The film projects will receive individual substantive support and guidance throughout all stages of the production.

The project stretches over the entire film process: script development, fund raising, pre- production, shooting, post production and promotion. Through workshops tailored to each of the eight film projects Swiss and international film makers will transfer the required skills. In addition, the film crews receive access to necessary technology as well as mentoring from international experts.

By exposing the participants to real market conditions and by training the participants to transfer later on their gained knowledge to the next generation of filmmakers the Swiss Initiative contributes to a sustainable and self-reliant Sudanese film industry.

Time schedule

2015:  Selection of the eight projects by Swiss Initiative.
 Forming of the film crews by the selected directors.

2016:  Focus on activities and workshops concerning script development,
 producing dossiers and fund raising strategies.

2017:  Focus on activities and workshops concerning technical know-how.

2018:  Focus on shooting the films, post-production and promotion.

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