Empower the Youth

Promote culture diversity

Enable intercultural cooperations

8 Films

Edcuates and enables 8 Sudanese film makers and their crews to produce their first professional long feature films. This will happen in cooperation with Swiss and international film makers. The required know-how will be transferred to the film crews through a series of lectures and workshops.

Open Cinema

The restoration of a historical cinema in Khartoum and equipping it with the highest projection and sound technology. The project will be a model for the private sector on how to reopen various cinemas in Sudan, which have been closed for decades.


An international culture festival, a culture & education center to provide vocational training and an open film studio happening under the open skies of Karmakol. The village is a 4 hours’ drive north of Khartoum. Decades ago the site was abandoned, because it was regularly flooded by the Nile River and the villagers moved hundreds of meters into the desert. Since then the floods have been engineered out of existence – leaving behind a perfect location to enable intercultural cooperations

Culture Spot

The Swiss initiative supports existing Sudanese Cultural Organizations as well as individual artists with technical, logistical and monetary support and with access to the international society. Sudanese artists make their appearance at various festivals around the world.

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